facilities-use form

Facility-Use Signup Form

Looking to utilize our welcoming spaces for your upcoming event or gathering? We're thrilled at the prospect! Please take a moment to fill out the Facility Use Sign-Up Form below. Your reservation not only ensures a seamless planning process but also contributes to the vibrancy of our church community. We're eager to host your special occasion at Trinity Lutheran Church!
At Trinity Lutheran Church, we prioritize the health and well-being of our community members. To maintain a clean and healthy environment for everyone, our property is designated as smoke-free. We appreciate your cooperation in preserving the fresh and welcoming atmosphere of our shared spaces.
In our community, we've chosen to create a kitchen space that is free of onions. Your understanding and cooperation in this choice are appreciated as we work together to make our shared environment accommodating for everyone.

1. All activities and purpose must not conflict with our mission statement of Trinity Lutheran Church.
2. All activities must end by 10:30 p.m., allowing enough time to complete clean-up of the facilities before the alarms set, as they are set automatically. If there is a conflict with the timing, please discuss at the time of reserving the room.
3. The room is set up for church events and may be changed by the group, but must be returned to the original state when done.
4. The gathering room sound system must be requested at time of completion of the form. This takes a trained person to set up and prepare for use.
5. Remember,  you are not the only people using the facilities. Please be considerate of others. Children must be supervised by adults and not wandering around the facilities alone.
6. The nursery is used for supervised child care only. The church policy is to have two adults (no one younger than 18) in the nursery for child care. Childcare in the nursery can be provided. The cost of nursery staffing is $25.00/ hour. The nursery is for age infant to 5 years old. This takes time to set up so please ask when setting up our event. This must be set up by the nursery coordinator or administrator.
7. It is very important an adult (21 years of age or older) take responsibility for the church facility. Remember the use of the facilities is considered a privilege, not a right.
8. NO RED based drinks, such as Kool Aid, Hawaiian punch anywhere in the facilities. The red color doesn't come out of the carpet.
9. Balloons cannot be left in the building overnight, due to the alarm system.
10. NO use of tape or adhesive on the walls in the Gathering Room or other areas with wallpaper or painted walls.
11. NO decorations that could permanently mark or disfigure the facility is allowed.
12. All damages must be reported to Parish Administrator. All people or groups may be responsible for the cost of repairs.
13. No SMOKING at the church, Youth Center and/or playground areas. Smoking is designed at the rear of the church in the northwest corner of the lot.
14. ALL items used for decorating must be completely removed from the facility following the event.
15. ALL food brought into the facility must be completely removed from the facility following the event.
16. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages permitted in/at the church facilities.
17. NO rice or confetti can be used in or on church property for the purpose of throwing.
18. When you are the last person out of the building, please turn off all lights including bathrooms and lower level lights.
19.The monitor in the front hall should direct you to your meeting or location.
20. When requesting a room speak to the office to put the details of your event on the monitor. If you are a community group and do not know the building, you may request directions to be put on the monitor or have paper maps for your use.

*If yes, please submit your ServSafe certification to our front desk, or send it via email to: main@tlcmidland.org
A ServSafe manager is required by law to be onsite during any kitchen use. If you do not have anyone certified, please contact our main office.
Reminder: We are an ONION FREE KIITCHEN