Today’s demands require so much of children, making the need for early childhood education even more important.  To prepare children for a lifetime of learning, teachers and educators must provide a high quality environment, dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of your child.  At Trinity Lutheran Preschool, your child will engage in constructive, play based learning activities that focus on a developmentally age appropriate curriculum.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment, based on the needs of your child through individual instruction.  We believe early education is the foundation to your child’s success as they begin the journey of their educational careers. 


Dedicated and Experienced Teachers

Teachers and students develop positive relationships that are interactive, rather than simply directive.  The result from this relationship develops a love for learning, confidence, and a healthy self-esteem.  Our dedicated teachers and staff members are qualified in the field of early childhood education, highly trained, and enthusiastic about teaching.
When your child enrolls at Trinity Lutheran Preschool, your child will experience areas of growth and development that are highlighted within our daily routines, enhancing their emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs.  Our staff brings these aspects to life each day in appropriate and attainable ways in order for your child to succeed. 

“... our children have grown and thrived under the guidance of TLP’s wonderful staff.”

A Nurturing Environment

Our unique facility offers your child the ability to explore and learn each day.  Your child will thrive in our friendly environment, designed to engage and enhance their creativity while socializing with their peers.  We encourage natural curiosity and creativity, and for children to progress at their own pace according to their individual needs.  

“The classroom is enriched with play and learning activities that foster creativity, imagination, science skills, social skills, etc.”

Our Quality Assurance

Trinity Lutheran Preschool is committed to offering a safe environment for your child.  Each year we willingly undergo strict licensing reviews and requirements for the staff members and the facility by the State of Michigan.  As a licensed preschool, we meet and exceed certain benchmarks for safety, educational quality, and individualized care.  Our facility is the safest in the community and exceeds the necessary requirements by the State.  We pride ourselves on the assurance your child will be safe from harm while in our care.

“It is everything we wanted in a preschool and our kids have had an amazing experience!”

Philosophy & Mission

Our Foundation for Success!

We take education seriously, and we understand what is required of today’s child.  We also believe it is important for your child to have experiences with their peers and caring adults in a fun, safe, and positive environment. Socialization and age appropriate curriculum, along with gentle guidance in a positive atmosphere is imperative for success. The mission of Trinity Lutheran Preschool is to provide this experience in a Christian atmosphere, based on the need and age level of each child. 

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe children should explore their own interests while introducing them to new concepts.
  • We believe children learn through a variety of hands on experiences.
  • We believe children develop a love for learning through a variety of play based concepts
  • We believe learning is achieved through attainable, individualized goals based on your child’s needs.

“Together, we can make a difference.”

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