Our History

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church, a place with a rich history and a strong commitment to community service. Our journey began on December 7, 1941, when a small group gathered with a common purpose - to establish an American Lutheran church in Midland. The first building, now known as the Trinity Youth Center, was dedicated in 1948, marking the early steps of our faith community.
As time went on, our commitment to growth and service led to the groundbreaking for the present building in 1964, with dedication following in 1965. Over the years, Trinity has evolved to meet the needs of our congregation and the Midland community.

In the late 1990s, Trinity Lutheran Church embarked on an exciting chapter of expansion and enhancement. Recognizing the growing needs of our congregation and the evolving dynamics of the Midland community, we undertook a transformative project from 1998 to 2000.
During this period, significant additions were made to our facilities, reflecting our commitment to providing a welcoming and functional space for our members and the broader community. The expansion included the creation of the Gathering room, a versatile space that serves as a hub for fellowship and community events. The addition of a modern kitchen further facilitated communal gatherings and shared meals, fostering a sense of connection among our church family.
Our dedication to education and growth is reflected in the development of the basement-level educational wing. This space has become a vital hub for learning, where members of all ages come together to explore their faith, engage in educational programs, and strengthen their spiritual journey.

As Trinity Lutheran Church continued to evolve, these additions not only met the practical needs of our community but also symbolized our commitment to providing a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and shared experiences. The improvements made during this period have since become integral to our mission, enabling us to better serve both our congregation and the Midland community at large.
A significant milestone in our journey occurred in 2017 when Trinity achieved a debt-free status by paying off the mortgage. This financial freedom allowed us to focus even more on our mission and outreach efforts. We are proud to be a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), standing in solidarity with a larger community of faith.
In 2022, we welcomed St. Timothy Lutheran Church into our community through a merger, further strengthening our bonds and expanding our capacity for service. Trinity remains dedicated not only to the work of the ELCA through the North/West Lower Michigan Synod but also to the ecumenical and social ministries of the Midland area.
Our commitment goes beyond the walls of our church building; we see it as a gift to the Midland community. Trinity Lutheran Church is a place where history and community converge, and we invite you to be part of our ongoing story. Join us in our shared journey of faith, service, and fellowship.